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  • Hi. I'm Rosalie Pech : Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist.

  • Having originally trained in 2005 with Val Glover-Hovan, Australia's world renowned undisputed leading specialist and educator in Cosmetic Tattoo, you can rest assured that you will receive a long-lasting, natural-looking, self-esteem boosting, time saving Cosmetic Tattoo treatment.

  • Between May 2008 and August 2009, I completed an Internship programme in Advanced Specialist Training with Val Glover-Hovan in Sydney, and proudly hold an Award of Excellence in Cosmetic Tattoo. This Internship Programme teaches Advanced Clinical Cosmetic Tattoo Techniques and Procedures, and Corrective Tattoo Techniques and Procedures, and certifies me as The Highest Level of Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner and Educator.

  • Having achieved the Award of Excellence I accepted the offer to work as Val's Practitioner in her Brookvale clinic where I performed up to 8 treatments a day. This was a unique and invaluable experience which very few practitioners have the opportunity to undertake.  The advantage of working side by side with Val, on clients of all ages and skin types, and some who have been having treatments in Val's clinic for up to 20 years, is invaluable — and provided me with a very firm understanding of how the colours and treatments evolve over an extended period
  • In July 2010 I trained Advanced Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures in England, at the Dermace Professional Training Academy.

  • In November 2010 I received a Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Diploma have been using the latest technology Amiea Digitial Cosmetic Tattoo Machine ever since. The advantages for clients are significant, providing treatments which are much more accurate, less invasive faster, and with a dramatically reduced healing period. Once clients have had a treatment with this machine they will never want to have a treatment with a rotary machine ever again. 

  • Cosmetic Tattoo APAN Registered Practitioner CTARP since 2016

  • Your protection and comfort is my priority. All my Cosmetic Tattoo procedures are performed in high level hygienic conditions with client safety and protection as a priority. New sterile single–use disposable needle and parts are used for every client. The needles and parts come in individual sterile packs. No parts are re-used, and are disposed of after each treatment into a Sharps container. New pigment is dispensed for each client, and any unused pigment is discarded at the end of the treatment. 

  • Treatments are available in Rozelle Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Treatments in Coffs Harbour every 6-8 weeks
    •   Treatments in Melbourne CBD every 6-8weeks
       Please refer to Home Page for next scheduled dates.
  • For more information and to answer your specific questions about what a cosmetic tattoo treatment could do for you, please feel very welcome to contact me
       - mobile 0411 199 947
       - email



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