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I have great pleasure in presenting these images of my work, which is a very small collection of 5000+ treatments completed since 2005.

All of these photos are originals, there has been no photo-shopping, nor has there been any make-up applied before or after to enhance colours, or to disguise any redness, or other skin imperfections.

Cosmetic Tattoo is an art, not a science, and it's true that not every client has perfect skin, and no one has perfect symmetry. In this selection of photos I have attempted to demonstrate what can be achieved with the range of ages, skin types and colouring that present for treatments. 

When working on skin and creating a cosmetic tattoo the desired outcome is one which enhances the client's natural features. Cosmetic Tattoo is not intended to replace conventional make-up, but rather to disguise perceived imperfections, enhance features, improve self-esteem, boost your ego, and help get you out the door faster in the mornings, without having to worry that your eyeliner, eyebrows, or lip colour is on straight!

I trust this series of photos will assist in understanding what can be achieved, and also set a realistic expectation of results, immediately after, the healed results at 6-8 weeks, and what colours can look like several years down the track prior to a refresh of colour. 



Eyeliners: soft and subtle       click here

Eyeliners: top and bottom  click here

Eyebrows: powdered, feathered, hair strokes, combo  click here

Lips: Full Lips, soft and natural  click here

Lips: Full Lips, strong and bold   click here

Paramedical Treatments (photos coming soon)    click here


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