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• Eyebrows  •  Eye Liner  •  Lip Line  •  Lip Blend  •  Full Lip Colour 
• Beauty Spots  •  Scar Camouflage  •  Nipple/Areola Reconstruction
• Recolour / Retouch / Correction of old cosmetic tattoo treatments
• Petite / Micro Body Tattoos
• Remove tattoos  — Laser Free — for cosmetic and body tattoo
  Tattoo Vanish OR Tatt2Away — safer than laser


New treatments for eyebrows and eyeliners range, on average, from $500 - $1050 dependent on what level of eyebrow design, or eyeliner thickness is required. Eyeliner design can be as bold or as subtle as you like, and can include two-tone, shading and smudged effects. Eyebrows can be done as a soft powder effect, feathered*, hair-stroke* or a combination to give you your most complementary look. Some wider eyeliners, and more textured eyebrows will require three treatments, instead of the usual two.

New treatments for lips range, on average, from $800 - $1500 dependent on what effect is required ... choose from lip line, lip blend or full lip colour. Usually two treatments are required, sometimes three, to achieve the desired result.

All NEW cosmetic tattoo treatment prices require a fine-tuning treatment, generally 6-8 weeks later, and booked at the completion of your initial appointment.
At this treatment we can add more colour, more width, more length, slightly alter the colour, etc to give you the best possible results. All fine-tuning treatments are to be completed within three (3) months of the initial treatment. Any treatment on the same area done after three (3) months will be incur an additional fee.

New para-medical treatments for areola and nipple reconstructions range, on average, from $500 for a unilateral treatment, to $650 for a bilateral treatment. A follow up treatment is required, at the same treatment price, after 6-8 weeks, and always within 6 months.  Any third treatment will also incur a fee.

Beauty Spots, Scar Camouflage (for white scars), Colour Patch Tests and
Small Body Tattoo
 treatments are also available.  
• Beauty Spots are $250 for each treatment. Usually two are required. 
• Scar Camouflage prices are priced according to the size, and charged per
   session starting from $350 for each treatment.
• Small Body Tattoos are priced according to size and design,
   the minimum charge is $350

All New Treatments are split into two payments. Approx 65% of the fee will be charged at the initial treatment, and the balance is payable at the fine-tuning appointment 6-8 weeks later. However, if a Third treatment is required to achieve the desired result, which is rare, there will be a fee of around $350. 

When your cosmetic tattoo needs to be REFRESHED, on average 15-24 months for eyebrows and lips, and on average 24-48 months for black eyeliners, the retouch price ranges from $450-$550 (eyebrows and eyeliners), to $450-$650 for lip-line, lip-blend and full lip colour.  Retouch treatments are a single treatment only, and do not include a fine-tuning appointment.

Retouch Treatments completed after 24 months are considered NEW treatments, and are subject to full pricing, including the fine-tuning appointment. 

As standard practice I ask for a $100 non-refundable Booking Fee to secure all treatments.  This booking fee is applied to your total balance. 
I also ask for a minimum 3 business days' notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment. 
If you fail to cancel or reschedule within 3 business days, an additional Booking Fee will be required to make a new appointment. 

No Show Policy: Any client who fails to attend their scheduled appointment will forfeit the Booking Fee, and will be required to pay in full to reschedule. 

Other Considerations:
Please don't bring small children or babies with you to your appointment. Family or friends may come along as moral support, if you really need some, however they are not permitted into the treatment room. Exceptions will be made for paramedical treatments (nipple and areola reconstructions), where family may attend with you. 

In most circumstances it's not necessary to come in for a consultation before your treatment, unless you are incredibly anxious or nervous about having a treatment, or you have some possible contraindications which you like to discuss with me.  I love a challenge, and am more than happy to help you overcoming any anxieties. The overwhelming response from client who have hesitated for years to have a cosmetic tattoo is "I can't believe I waited so long. The whole experience was much better than I expected."

Retouch of colour of any other cosmetic tattoo practitioner's work will be considered NEW treatments, and full pricing applies.  Retouch pricing is applicable only to work that I have done.

The Fee for a 30 Minute Consultation is $150, and may credited towards your treatment when you book an appointment. The appointment should be booked and completed within 8 weeks of the consultation to utilise the credit.

Cosmetic Tattoos and Paramedical Tattoos are an art, not a science. Whilst every care is taken, there are no guarantees provided. How the pigment heals in your skin, certain medications, environmental considerations, alkalinity/acidity of your body, and other factors, are beyond my control or responsibility.


GIFT VOUCHERS are available
For a gift that keeps on giving! What could be better than giving someone special a gift that boosts their self esteem and confidence. Contact me for details on obtaining a personalised Gift Voucher (valid for 12 months from the date of issue)


I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, EftPos, Cash or a combination thereof.
The Booking Fee can be paid via direct deposit, PayID, PayPal, or by credit card over the phone, with full details included in the Appointment Confirmation email.



Cosmetic Tattoo Fees - as at July 2023
The Cosmetic Tattoo Fee includes the cost of your pre-packaged individual Single-Use Disposable Needle/s and Parts (new needles and accessories are used for every client); your initial treatment (about 1 - 1½ hour), your adjustment treatment in 6-8 weeks (about 1 hour), and a Limited Guarantee*



With each treatment you will receive Home Care Instructions for your new Cosmetic Tattoo, and Body Tattoo treatments, designed to assist in the healing process of your investment, together with your recommendations of best after care products to purchase.


  • The Limited Guarantee applies only to pigment holding in the skin for up to 12 months. This guarantee does not apply to very light/blonde eyebrows or hair-strokes, where no Guarantee is given due to the colour of the pigment chosen. There is NO guarantee against fading, or to exactly how the pigment will appear in the skin. All tattoos (either cosmetic or body illustrations) can and will fade, and it is not possible to predict the longevity of the colour once implanted. The Limited 12 Month Guarantee is simply to assure you that the pigment will be successfully implanted, and will be visible in the skin for up to 12 months. Special prices will apply for re-touch of colours to all Cosmetic Tattoo by Rosalie clients. It is recommended that a retouch of colour be done about every 16-24 months.
  • No refunds are offered or available once a treatment has been completed. 









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