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  • 1. Tatt2AWAY        or        2. Tattoo Vanish
    - Tattoo Removal WITHOUT Laser



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1. Answer These Questions
2. Take a Photo of Your Tattoo
    - Body Tattoo
    - Cosmetic Tattoo ... eyebrows, eyeliner, lips
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    or Text to:  0411 199 947

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1. What is your skin type

    ☐  White, never tans           

    ☐  White, tans with difficulty

    ☐  White, tans gradually      

    ☐  Brown, Mediterranean, tans with ease

    ☐  Dark Brown, Middle Eastern, tans easily

    ☐  Black, never burns

2. Location of tattoo

   ☐  Head or Neck                   ☐  Lower Body, or Legs

   ☐  Upper Body, or Arms        ☐  Hand, Feet, Ankle


3.   Type of tattoo

      ☐ Amateur                         ☐ Professional

4.   Has the tattoo ever been recoloured, or had a cover-up

5.    Is there any evidence of scarringOr do you have any keloid scarring?

6.    What colours are in the tattoo

7.   Have you ever had any laser removal treatments
      If so, how many. And how long since the last one.

8.  When did you get the tattoo

9. Your age

10. What is your desired outcome?

    ☐  Total removal - to have skin tattoo free,
         and as close as possible to pre-tattoo condition

    ☐  Total removalto have a clean canvas for a new design

    ☐  Partial removal -  remove some of the tattoo, but not all  

    ☐  Fading so that a new design can be tattooed over it

11. Your occupation

    Please also remember to include
        • your name

        • best method of contact (email or phone)

















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